I read with interest last week, a piece in the Corkman newspaper. The piece discussed the water outages, the provision of water tankers and the notification of residents. Most locals were irate at the lack of notification, and apparently the only steps taken to notify the public were done through the local radio station. I feel this is a poor way to get the message across for a number of reasons:

  1. * The message will only be broadcast occasionally – many who listen to the station may miss the broadcast
  2. * The local station focuses on a certain demographic. I know from personal experience that many locals never listen to the station
  3. * Many working in Cork do not have access to the station
  4. * Many who work do not have access to radio at all


I call on you to follow the example of other councils and employ the internet as a method of informing local residents. I note with regret that the mallow.ie website seems to be solely focused on attracting investment, new residents and tourists – it does not cater to the concerns and interests of residents at all. Nevertheless, you have at you disposal for free, tools such as Twitter and blogs to inform the public.  Twitter can be used for brief 1-2 line bulletins and blogs can be used to provide more detailed information. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the two services, so that a twitter bulletin can link to a more comprehensive blog post. Given that you are already preparing this information for the radio station, it would be a matter of a moments work to submit the information on the internet.

As someone who provides training on using such services for business, I would be happy to set up accounts and provide free lessons to a staff member on the use of these services. Please contact me to arrange same.