The monthly Mallow Clean Up Day continues on Saturday April 24th 2010. Mallow Tidy Towns invites anyone who can spare an hour or two to come out and join us at 10am on Saturday morning at one of our 5 starting points:

  • Roundabout Tavern for Cork Road/Killarney Road/Limerick Road
  • Dogs Heads for Muddy Hill and Spa Road
  • Garda Station for car park, and adjoining areas
  • Bus Stop for the park and Park Road
  • Aldi for old Cork Road to Carrokeal and adjoining areas

Recycle Day in Scottsdale
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale

Our inaugural Saturday morning clean up in March was a great success and hopefully this Saturday we will have as many people out, with a great improvement being made by the people of Mallow. (IBAL) Irish Business Against Litter judging takes places very soon so we are hoping that the town will have improved to bring good publicity to the cross roads of Munster.

These Saturday clean ups will be held on the last Saturday of every month, starting at 10am.

A big word of thanks to all who so generously supported our flag day on Thursday April 15th, and thanks also to the many collectors who helped out on the day.

Mallow Tidy Towns