NEXT OPEN COFFEE – TUE June  1st, 2010 from 10am

Summary of last open coffee as published on Social Media in Business Day in Richmond @ PaypalHQ
Creative Commons License photo credit: philcampbell

Another day down, another Bank Holiday closer to summer. Some would ask “What summer?” but we know it’s on the way (once the ash clears!). There is a lot of scary stuff going on at the minute in Ireland. The country is mourning the loss of a favourite radio broadcaster, Gerry Ryan, while they are quickly approaching election day in the UK. Meanwhile an Irish rower has just traversed 2500 nautical miles across the Atlantic ocean, spending 118 days away from his family, and the Gulf of Mexico is slicked with crude oil. Some may be celebrating sporting wins over the weekend, and others drowning their sorrows, Irish style!

But in the library and then the bar of Springfort Hall today, there was little talk of losses today. Conversations crossed from twitter to local news to national politics and current affairs. There was  a lot of interest in the subject of Social Media and Social Networking, and especially the different takes on whether it should be used or not, and is it of any benefit.

With Web 2.0 firmly in place, who could argue that Social Networking is not the future, it’s the present. Businesses who are not “buying into” the concept of connecting with their clients and customers online, may find themselves in a dilemma by 2011.

So, Mallow Open Coffee are asking the question, are small businesses interested in learning more about the Web 2.0 world? Head over to the POLL page right now and cast your vote. We will certainly run a workshop if the need is there, even a taster of the benefits and uses of the various platforms that are now part of everyday business internet usage.