Many Mallow residents leave the town on a regular basis to go shopping in Blackpool, or the city center. Many more shop from the comfort of their homes via the internet. The belief is that Mallow is expensive and doesn’t have the variety, but those who take the time to challenge this belief are rewarded with a great shopping experience.

There have recently been big changes to the Mallow retail and services infrastructure. The Chamber of Commerce has been completely revamped into a progressive, responsive entity. Local traders have an active organisation which meets regularly. All in all, Mallow businesses are very focused on providing a quality shopping experience. Any local trader has a story or two about regular customers from far away who are regularly drawn back to Mallow because they love to shop here.

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Some specialist purchases will still need to be sourced elsewhere, but Mallow can satisfy most requirements. Between the supermarkets and excellent butchers, greengrocers, bakers and delicatessens the weekly food shop is well and truly covered. I’ve personally sourced a lot of electronics and white goods locally, because the price was better than anything I could find on the internet.

Now that the bigger industries have largely left the town, Mallow depends on local businesses and retailers for it’s jobs and local economy. So this week, why not do your weekly shop in Mallow?