Recent works at Doneraile Park have resulted in a substantial increase in attendances to the facility. The new playground is a big favourite with the kids, but it is the spectacular walks that really give the park it’s appeal. Some of the roads have been repaved, and the additional signage makes navigation easier for new visitors. There’s ample parking, the whole experience is free, and the park is only a short drive from Mallow.

Whether you want a quick stroll or a long run, there’s a path with a distance to suit you. The scenery is astonishing, particularly at this time of year as autumn leaves, acorns and horse chestnuts crunch underfoot. The wildlife, too, is breathtaking. Ducks, swans, herons and other aquatic fowl are resident in the park’s waterways. The extensive meadows play home to large herds of deer. The deer are well aware that they’re safe behind the fences, and are therefore fairly tame and curious, with the exception of the dominant rutting stags always on the watch and ready for a scrap with any would-be usurpers.